Work Place Health

 Staff wellbeing requires a holistic and strategic approach and to be honest, a bit of work. By bringing us in to collaborate with you on this, you have access to many years of experience, as well as practical, real-world approaches. Leaving you to concentrate on the day job! We can design, review and ultimately deliver your comprehensive staff wellbeing strategy. This work can often feel a bit overwhelming – where do you start? We would suggest you start with the people you are trying to look after – your staff!

Staff wellbeing surveys

Through blending public health research skills with real world practical application, we deliver comprehensive staff health and wellbeing surveys – tailored to your organisation. We design, implement, analyse and report on all findings, with clear recommendations for action. As an external agency, your staff will feel confident providing honest answers to us, which then helps you respond accordingly and deliver effective strategy.  

Health workshops and fairs

Mental health is one of the leading causes of staff absence in the UK. Early intervention and prevention is key. As trained mental health facilitators, we provide workshops on common mental health concerns, signposting to support services  and
preventative measures. We can also train staff to respond in a mental health crisis situation.

Of course, mental health is only one part of the puzzle and our five ways to wellbeing workshops are a fun and engaging way to get your team to think about different ways they can look after their own health and wellbeing. We also run specific workshops on menopause and women’s health. All workshops are available for one off sessions or as part of a package. We can offer bespoke workshops to your organisation – just get in touch.


As well as mental health, musculoskeletal conditions are some of the leading causes of employee absenteeism in the United Kingdom, both combined are responsible for almost 20% of days lost due to illness (ONS, 2022). Yoga is a form of mind-body
fitness that has proven results in reducing stress and improving strength and flexibility. Practiced regularly, yoga can be an important asset in the employee wellbeing toolkit (Della Valle et al, 2020). We offer onsite or online classes, tailored specifically to a working environment. 

Ready to start operation Team Wellbeing? Contact us to see how we can your organisation into shape. 

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