Organisational Leadership

The Workforce of the Future report stated only 55% of women felt they had the leadership skills needed for their role, this rises to 66% for men. The impact of this could be poor communication or inability to make decisions at one end of the spectrum, through to high staff turnover and burnout at the other. Ineffective leadership can cause problems for the culture of an organisation and create poor morale. It also impacts on productivity and the customer experience. 

It used to be believed that great leaders were born, and it is true that some people are more inclined to be leaders than others. Women often doubt themselves as leaders for a myriad of reasons. However recent thinking is clear, great leaders can be grown and with the right support, a strong female leader can be an organisation’s superpower. 

At Devine Health Education and Coaching, we bring together decades of expertise in health, leadership, and coaching, to grow female leaders. We blend the most recent leadership and health thinking that supports women to dig deep then rise to shine. 


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